Grow the Game Week

Building leaders, role models, and better humans across the globe.

Grow the Game Week is an immersive experience for athletes from underserved and low-income basketball communities around the world to train together, build a family, share perspectives, develop broad life skills, and experience a brand new corner of the world.

Development on the court is just one component of the Grow the Game Week experience. While the athletes may arrive looking to leave a brand new basketball player, our mission is that they leave with:

Investing in one player = investing in an entire basketball community:

Early stage, underserved, or low-income hoops communities need well-equipped role models and leaders. In fact, in the 35+ hoops communities across the world that our team has visited, this is one of the primary indicators of a community's trajectory (and as a result, how many lives are changed through basketball).

Through Grow the Game Week, we hope to send young athletes and humans back to their communities even better prepared to lead the way for a younger generation of hoopers.

What's next?

We're already preparing for our next Grow the Game Week in summer of 2024. Our goal is to bring in two sponsored athletes per week throughout the 8-week course of our Summer Academy, and 5 athletes over the final two weeks of the Summer (August '24).